pronounced: [pos-uh l-kyoo]
noun, plural POSSLQs, POSSLQ’s.

1. acronym for p(erson of the) o(pposite) s(ex) s(haring) l(iving) q(uarters)

This term was coined in 1979 by the U.S. Census Bureau, to described non-married live-in relationships of the opposite sex. In the mid 80’s attempts were made to popularize the word to be a way to describe said relationships but barely caught on. Beside the occasional spattering online, it continues to be a mostly unknown acronym.

I propose the revival of the POSSLQ in all it’s splendid glory!! In order to keep up with the changing times, I am expanding the definition to include all nature of full or part time live-in relationships, be they same sex, opposite sex, ? sex, married or unmarried!! Let’s all live in POSSLQ harmony!