Bonjour petite macarons *om nom nom*

The main priority for this afternoon was to explore Colmar, and stuff our faces with charcuterie, cheese, and macarons. I planned a visit to the #4 listed eatery in all of Colmar, Sézanne, a place right up my alley, a sort of modern rustic specialty shop with a bistro upstairs where you can eat the [...]

Switzerland Ate My GPS

The morning started early, and I woke up excited for the day and to travel to Switzerland. The navigational fiasco with the GPS from the day before seemed distant, and I happily ate my breakfast of freshly laid chicken eggs, some German speck/bacon/prosciutto, and a slice of German dark bread toasted and with rose hip jam. [...]

Guten Tag, Germany!

Today we were supposed to get up early and check out, and begin our road trip to Germany. Well this was a fail, as I was apparently still tired from getting over the flu and slept a few hours later than planned. We packed up, got ready, and checked out, with little events. Thus began [...]

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