We had barely made it a few hundred miles when the car start making a noise. A bad noise. Mind you, I had my car into the mechanic a week before we left to give it a once-over, my posslq gave it a tune-up, and I had fresh oil and new tires on, so I did not anticipate what happened next. We were on Day 2, driving through Ohio, and about to visit the world’s biggest basket, because giant baskets are freikin’ hilarious.

By this point, the noise sounded like the engine was going to fall out of the car. After the basket we had planned to go to the zoo, but I decided to call a mechanic because it sounded like a cartoon it was so bad.

A quick scan of google’s nearby mechanics led us to Integrity Auto Service. They had good reviews and I had limited service so I gave it a shot and called them. To my surprise, they said come over and they would look at it right away. This alone just about floored me, because if this was where we live, the general service is like ‘pay me today for a hamburger next Tuesday’.

We made a quick stop at the basket, which lived up to our expectations, and then headed over to the auto shop.

When we pulled in, not one but three mechanics came over and started looking under the hood. The owner himself came out and started my car, which immediately shuddered and sound like a stampede of angry rhinos running through a field of shrapnel. It was such a horrible noise that the guys cringed and I was almost a little proud.

A short while later and they informed me that my ac compressor was literally disintegrating. To replace this part is stupid expensive, and would set us back by a day. Instead of fixing it, they were able to bypass it altogether with a new belt, which would get us back on the road in under an hour and only set us back about $100. The only caveat to this was that we wouldn’t have a/c anymore, but since it’s fall and we’re going into the mountains, I figured it would only be a few days of discomfort and we could suck it up, so I opted for this. After a snack of jerkey and hard boiled eggs the car was fixed and I was ecstatic at the near disaster we avoided.

Thank you again Integrity Auto – you truly turned an almost disaster into a pretty good experience! We said our goodbyes and headed to the zoo.

And now that you’ve read my post, I shall reward you with a photo of the basket.


The World’s Biggest Basket

The World's Biggest Basket

The World’s Biggest Basket